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Body Brilliance Physiotherapy and Wellness Center offers an innovative and holistic approach to health and wellness services that will make you pain-free, stronger, and healthier.

Body Brilliance was founded in 2000 by Sue Fuller-Good, a leading- and cutting-edge physiotherapist and specialized coach.

Sue Fuller-Good has specialized in manual therapy (hands on work to the neuromusculoskeletal system) and chronic pain. She did her masters through WITS on balance of forces around the craniomandibular junction (jaw and skull) and pelvic gridle. She is a postgraduate physiotherapy teacher and has many diploma certificates in multiple different aspects of treating neuromusculoskeletal problems. She treats headaches, TMJD (jaw pain), neck pain and back pain among other conditions.


She is also highly trained in pelvic health, chronic pelvic pain and in pelvic dysfunction. She is also a qualified gender affirming sexual health counsellor and mindfulness in sexual health coach.


Body Brilliance offers a range of services that will take you from injury, illness, and pain

 to healthier and fitter bodies and minds.

Body Brilliance is a one stop shop where you can buy everything you need for your healing journey from ergonomic aids and office chairs, pillows to vitamins, pre and probiotics and tools for your sexual health journey. Please email us for a product list if you interested in placing an order.


We help you to be pain and stiffness free, and to have better movement and function.


These unique classes use yoga and pilates movements to help you develop core strength, balance and flexibility. All fitness levels welcome!


We help you return to your normal function and sports after your injury.


We run mindfulness training courses empowering you to become more aware and have tools to manage your stress and anxiety.



We help you with your pelvic pain or sexual pain or dysfunction to enjoy pain-free sexual experiences and engage with your pain in a healthy way so you can thrive.


We run Mindful Eating courses to train you in mindful and intuitive eating and bring awareness to your unconscious behaviours surrounding eating and food.


The Body Brilliance team offer the following benefits:

Relieve pain, discomfort and stiffness

Restore movement and physical freedom

Help improve posture and muscle balance

Work with Sue Fuller-Good, a world-class coach, as your personal coach.

Regain flexibility, and body awareness as well as muscle strength

Workshops and classes to bring about lifestyle change to support your wellbeing

Image by Toa Heftiba
"For the first time in three years... I felt that there was hope."

"Sue and Trish welcomed me at Body Brilliance with open arms. For the first time in three years, during which I visited countless specialists and doctors, I felt that there was hope.

Apart from Sue’s intricate knowledge of the pelvis and supporting structures, she listened, acknowledged and made every effort to guide me on the road to recovery. I have only been working with Sue for two weeks, but for the first time in a long time, I am hopeful. I had zero expectations walking into that first consultation, yet I can slowly feel my body coming back to life – and this is thanks to Sue.

I would strongly encourage anyone who suffers from chronic pain to give Sue a visit.  It might take some time, but from my experience, it might just be life-changing. Thanks to Sue and the team at Body Brilliance."

—Tanica Van As

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