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Through The Energy Incubator, Sue Fuller-Good empowers individuals and companies to become efficacious, engaged and energised through experiential learning and immersion training, keynoting and coaching. The result : Individuals who can navigate change and challenge, and be sustainably-super-productive. 

Our services enable ultimate productivity, through thriving staff members and leaders. 

Corporate interventions are meticulously crafted to align with the unique requirements of your organization. Utilizing diagnostic tools, we develop programs guaranteed to be lazer focused on the specific challenges faced by you or your team.

Our offerings are available in online programs, individual 1:1 interventions, keynote talks, workshops and immersion experiences.

corporate services.

Super empower your people to become energized, star performers 


Enhance your company culture and reap the benefits of an organization full of energized super-performers 

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The ultimate outcome of engaging with Sue Fuller-Good's Energy Incubator is new energy, new habits and holistic health including great mental health for you and your team. 

Unlike other companies who are prescriptive and work with generic solutions, The Energy Incubator provides customized solutions to be found through interviewing stake holders carefully and gaining access to the inner wisdom of people and organizations. 


Our coaching programs and keynotes focus on Sue Fuller-Good's Ultimate Health model, addressing 11 Vital Domains of Wellbeing


General health, musculoskeletal health, nutritional and gut health, physical fitness, mind health, emotional health, relationship health, financial health, stress and fatigue, personal mastery and leadership and sexual health.

When people have holistic health across all of these domains, they will pulse with vitality and be productive, focused and engaged. 

Our programs equip participants with practical tools which firmly integrate into their behavior. Sustainable changes result from an ongoing learning approach, fostering the creation of new neural pathways and belief systems that shape and reinforce responses and behaviors.

Straining and struggling individuals and teams leave the coaching and talks with vuma and vitality.


  • Coaching is based in mindfulness practice and in creating better health for the team.

  • Better health includes: reduced stress, enhanced collaboration and empathy among team members, improved communication strategies, and effective conflict resolution skills. 

  • This coaching fosters self-awareness in individuals, enabling them to cultivate compassion, tolerance, and acceptance of diversity, along with strong interpersonal and engagement abilities. 

  • Coaching is centered on developing leadership qualities within each team member, starting with self-leadership and extending support to others in becoming their best selves. 

  • Mindful awareness with its 3 major tennets of curiosity, compassion and non-judgement is at the center of every coaching session and intervention.


  • This coaching emphasizes mindfulness, fostering curiosity, non-judgment, and compassion in approaching daily experiences.

  • The coaching incorporates body awareness, shifting focus from cognitive thinking to heart and gut centers to access a broader range of their information sources.

  • The coaching focuses on reframing, encouraging coachees to view challenges from different perspectives, including turning ideas upside down for fresh insights.

  • The coaching's primary goal is to reduce stress, enhance calmness and focus, and increase confidence and engagement through mindfulness techniques, lifestyle coaching, and physiology-altering methods.

  • We employ tools like the Enneagram assessment, a body mastery questionnaire, and various others to improve health, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence

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