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Speaker. Coach. Author. Physiotherapist. Healer.

Sue graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1989 with a BSc Honours. She completed her MSc in Balance in 2002. Sue is the founder of Body Brilliance, The Energy Incubator and The Endless Energy Program, and the author of the recently published book: The Sweet Spot. She has worked in corporate coaching and training since 2007. Sue started her coaching journey when she found herself needing more skills to help her patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue. Soon she was being asked to work with corporate clients and to share her insight and expertise with organizations and business schools. 


This organic development has opened a  whole new career path for Sue, but she keeps one of her feet firmly in her clinic where she learns hourly as she serves her patients. She loves wearing both hats. Invitations to work with leaders and executives who found her work life changing, and needed ever more help in the arenas of wellbeing, energy creation and personal development, simultaneously inspired Sue to create the Endless Energy Program. When you feel good, you perform well and do good, so feeling good is crucial!

As Sue has developed a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of wellbeing, this is the foundation for her businesses. Her passion lies in cultivating the energy in her clients to fund living an extraordinary, highly productive, successful and joy-filled life.

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Sue weaves her understanding of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, human behaviour, psychology, nutrition, pain, spirituality and health into everything she does. She has worked with countless individuals and many businesses and business schools, facilitating the learning of stress management practices, the art of wellbeing creation and the instruction of mindfulness practice and body awareness. Sue has presented at many conferences both internationally and locally. Her work opens people’s minds and awareness so that they can truly thrive.

Sue loves to speak, teach, share and write, so there are many different ways to engage with her work, including one to one consultations and keynote addresses. Sue’s unique approach comes from her ongoing studying and training across such a vast array of subjects, including mindfulness and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy, gut health, The Enneagram, yoga and so much more. 

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