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The Sweet Spot.

By Sue Fuller-Good

When you are pushed from pillar to post, when work wants 100% of you, when your family always needs more, when your bank statements scream at you, when time races away from you, when your body feels like a tired old machine, badly in need of a service and you aren't sure how to keep going...

Where do you begin?

How can you recognise, time and direct the warring beasts within and withoutBuilding on the foundations of self awareness and reflection, Sue Fuller-Good guides you through honest powerful exploration to find well being in all aspects of your life. This empowers you to decide on your own future, your own way of living in your sweet spot.

Honest, vulnerable, powerful personal stories
Insight from the latest scientific research
Practical tips and techniques

All ensure you avoid toxic, simplistic, work-life balance and quick fix formulas. The Sweet Spot invites you to enjoy a richer, liberating and enjoyable life adventure - one that is ever-evolving, just as you are.

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