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Sue Fuller-Good will shift you from fatigue and doubt to energy and efficacy, from pain and struggle, to vitality and fun, without sacrificing any of your ambitions or dreams. 


Genius wellbeing solutions that work

Why wellbeing? So that people can really live while they are alive. Everyone wants to live longer, but going for quality instead of quantity is what we suggest!

Sue Fuller-Good is all about helping men and women who find that they lack vibrancy and really want to have more : health, happiness and success. Their problem lies in their over value of work and success, and undervaluing of wellbeing. The result is that their health is suffering. They need support in the health domain. They want to get over their pain and energy drain. 

Sue's companies, The Energy Incubator and Body Brilliance empower people to claim the health, happiness and resolve that is their birth right, by helping them to heal their bodies, reframe their thinking and connect with their innate purpose. Sue uses integrated physiotherapy, posture work, movement, mindfulness, coaching, speaking and writing so that her clients can feel effortlessly efficacious and infectiously energized.

Sue also offers mindful relationship coaching, as well as coaching to facilitate challenging conversations and effective communication on difficult matters and where communication has broken down. This is for business partnerships, inter-team relationships between colleagues, as well as for parent / child challenges and intimate partnership struggles.


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In her book, The Sweet Spot - world renowned physiotherapist and life coach Sue Fuller-Good has formulated unique practical philosophies from a kaleidoscope of stories relating to her experiences in solving dilemmas of the body and the mind as they rub up against everyday life.

The stories in the book of overcoming seemingly insuperable odds, are anecdotes we can all relate to and take inspiration from. 


“The Sweet Spot is the product of my years of exploration into the subject of wellbeing – firstly how to find it, and even more importantly how to then keep it. There is no absolute answer – each person has their own journey – so the intention of The Sweet Spot is to help readers view matters differently.”


“So much of the suffering we experience in life, stems from our attitudes and the way we think about things. I wrote this book to share a way readers can reframe things so they can reduce their distress and start to live life fully. Instead of living only in their heads, arguing with reality and trying to control the future, they can live and engaged a joy-filled, energised life”


"Sue facilitated a number of sessions on Health and Wellness for the Core Group on our Leadership Development Programmes.


Sue’s facilitation is engaging, participative and practical. She is highly knowledgeable and absolutely lives her talk. She is thorough and easy to understand and gives excellent practical tips that can easily be implemented.


I highly recommend Sue to any organisation who wants to bring focus to Health and Wellness. 


In addition to her skillset - she is an amazing upbeat and really genuine person".


“Sue facilitates with passion and sensitivity, combined with a touch of humour. Her use of her own personal experiences, to encourage participation and reinforce messages, is very powerful. Having used Sue a few times, I’ve seen the change to virtual sessions where she effectively keeps participants engaged, I highly recommend Sue”. 

GLEN KRYNAUW (Deloittes)

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