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Immersion Retreats offers transformative experiences designed (predominantly) for women seeking rejuvenation,connection, empowerment and perhaps a holistic ‘re-set’ of mind, body and spirit. Participants will embarkon a journey of re-self-discovery and personal growth, where the intricate balance of body, mind, and spirit will be addressed.Through a blend of wellness practices, cuisine, travel and personal interactions, you will emerge renewed and energised.The concept of "uphealth", focusing not only on physical health but also mental and spiritual vitality, underpins the whole retreat.Beyond the individual transformations, Immersion Retreats is dedicated to giving back to meaningful causes, fostering a sense of community and social responsibility. Thus, participants not only return home with a revitalised sense of self but also with the knowledge that their experience has contributed to the well-being of others, creating a ripple effect of positive change.


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Set your next chapter in motion - Retreat

19 - 21 MAY 2024

Do you

feel like you're at a crossroad in your life, not sure where you’re supposed to be going next or how to connect with yourself and your purpose?

Do you really want to up-health and down-stress yourself, but can't seem to prioritise it and make it happen?

If this is you – then we invite you to join us for a very special retreat on a wide open space in a warm and luxurious guest farm in Rustenburg. Within our circle of like-minded women, you’ll find support, community, growth, healing, insight and inspiration. This fun-filled, transformative retreat will bring wellbeing on all planes...


– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


You’ll hike in the hills, do yoga to nurture your body, become mindful as you move, breathe and eat, listen to the night sounds beside the campfire, share laughter, eat delicious vegetarian food to nourish your cells and bring your microbiome alive. All while you relax in the stillness within you.

You will experience true presence, and the joy and peace that exist in the moments when you really are present. You will leave armed with a toolkit, crammed with tools to help you retain the joy as you go back to your life.


An intimate space...

Set on 275 hectares of walking and hiking trails, picnic spots and enchanting forests, at the foot of the Tankwani Gorge, Owlswood farm has

been gracefully restored, revealing its old stone bones and charming character as a sturdy custodian of the contemporary touches that have been discerningly added to the farmhouse. Its ambience is that of a chapter half-way through a decent novel of life and love on a farm in Africa. Nothing too fussy but completely calming and serene.


At night, when the resident nyala, zebra, impala, wildebeest, kudu, bushbuck, warthog and farm horses are all snoozing beneath the stars, under the acacias and wild figs tucked into the long grasses, or cosy in their stables, the nearby forest is abuzz with sounds from the resident owls that

settle themselves upon the branches for the evening. A signature call of the land, high up in the mountains overlooking the Easterkloof Nature Reserve of Magaliesberg.

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Optional Extras

Retreat Cost

19th - 21st May 2024

Women who are looking to feel empowered in their next chapter of life. Women who are looking for rejuvenation and a re-set physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Women needing connection and a whole lot of fun.

Exceptional meals (vegetarian) prepared by Owls Wood owner and master caterer

Yoga sessions

Retreat sessions

Guided hikes and walks

Drinks, including a variety of alcoholic beverages for sundowners

Time for reflection and relaxation

Connections with like-minded individuals and a community WhatsApp group after the retreat

A toolkit and a gift pack

Lots of fun and laughs

Each person to arrange their own transport to and from the venue

Medium level fitness for hiking and walks in the mountains

A sense of humour

A mind ready to expand and discover

Pre-Retreat Programme

In addition to the Set your next chapter in motion- Retreat, we are offering a voluntary ‘Pre-Retreat Programme’ which will prepare you

for the 3 days away. Here you can expect to get a bit fitter and do some reading to get you in the mood and the mental space so that

you can get the best out of this experience. This programme is designed to be done at home, in your own time. For further details please

contact Sue Fuller-Good - / 082 570 0824

R12 000 excluding VAT / person



Who is it for

What's included


It can truly be a challenging time in women’s lives as they confront the completion of their childbearing capacity, immersed in, or at the end of the phase of raising their children which has been (or still is) all consuming and taken more than a fair share of their attention, focus and time. The body and mind changes that come with menopause and middle age and this new phase of life is difficult, confusing and frankly scary and there is no manual to help. 


It's a time when it's very hard to reconnect with the self,because for so many years taking care of other people has been the focus, yet that is exactly what this phase requires. Feeling comfortable and confident with the physical changes in the body, mind and emotional state takes active processing and some tools as well as a supportive environment and community which can hold the space for this sacred transition to occur. 


This phase of life can lead to depression, relationship breakdown and true despair if it is not dealt with lovingly and carefully. Give yourself the gift of loving support, wisdom and tools so you don’t have to struggle unnecessarily. 


With the re-programme you will feel empowered to stand strong in yourself and engage with the world as the beautiful, brilliant woman you are and be able to use this time of your life just exactly as you desire.


Southern Namibia | The Greek Isles | Plettenberg Bay

Upcoming retreat formats : Individuals, Couples, Mother/Daughter

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We are a dynamite team with different but complimentary passions and together we make magic and have fun doing it! Between us we have travelled and adventured to myriads of places. Somewhere in our offerings is the perfect place for YOU to slot in and surrender to having a perfect retreat experience. We know exactly how to explore what you need before the trip so we can plan the perfect activities specifically curated for you.


Immersion Retreats facilitates life changing retreats that change mind, body and soul through travel, adventure, yoga, movement, healthy, nutritious and delicious food, coaching, mindfulness, pleasure, sensuality, laughter and fun.

Immersion Retreats facilitates life changing retreats that change mind, body and soul through travel, adventure, yoga, movement, healthy, nutritious and delicious food, coaching, mindfulness, pleasure, sensuality, laughter and fun.

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