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8 Reasons How a Wellness Audit Can Increase Your Happiness

Do you ever notice slight aches here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week? Do you wake up tired but continue with your daily tasks? Do you maybe even feel embarrassed that you're not taking care of your health as you should be?

Many people allow low-grade ill health to be their normal: a slight ache here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week. They wake up exhausted day after day and because there is nothing drastically wrong, they live with it.

Consider for a moment what ill health could be costing you: Irritability, headaches, low energy, lack of patience, even strain in your relationships.

Any person can be free from pain by taking our "Wellness Audit" assessment. This questionnaire will help you pinpoint how you can increase your health and in so doing increase your productivity, energy, and overall happiness.

This will help you to:

  • Become aware of how your body reacts to the choices you make

  • Make tweaks to lifestyle choices where needed

  • Increase productivity

  • Raise your energy levels

  • Develop greater focus and concentration

  • Develop more patience

  • Experience greater joy

  • Enjoy healthy relationships

I invite you to take this Wellness Audit and get your score. When you answer the carefully chosen questions allow them to help you to see which areas of your health are not where you would like them to be. When you have completed the test, we will examine the scores. Be as honest with yourself as you can be when you answer.

Most of us do what we have always done, until the pain of doing so outweighs the gain we get from doing it that way, or until we see a compelling reason to change. Some of the questions may bring to light some aspects of your health you haven't considered to be part of your health. Let the questions open your mind to what is really going on and to what the possibilities are!

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