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5 Wisdom Nuggets to Develop Emotional Maturity

Some pearls of wisdom dawn on us when we have time to slow down and think. These are some that can make a real difference to the quality of your life, giving you more peace of mind and far less stress. More peace of mind and less stress translate into enhanced energy levels and so keep reading, even if you feel rushed and unable to focus. Some of these ideas have been stimulated by Justin Brown from Ideapod and his article entitled: “Emotional Maturity”.

  1. Everything is in fact grey. Almost nothing is black and white. When we can meet the world with this awareness, we can be so much more tolerant and so much less judgemental. If we haven’t walked a mile in someone’s shoes, we can't know how they should behave or think and we can't know what is really going on for them. We have to accept “the grey” and remember, almost everyone is just doing their best. It's easy to refute this and disagree, but while most people may be out at sea gasping for breath, they aren’t setting out to do harm. They are just struggling to stay afloat in the wild sea of life.

  2. When we can remember this, we can meet people with curiosity and compassion and drop our judgement. This gives us the path to blame free living. No-one is to blame. Lots of stuff just is the way it is, and our challenge is to accept it. Of course, if there is something we can change, then it's our job to change it, especially if we are the ones who can see it needs changing! Who cares who says sorry first? Who cares who is right? Change what you can and set about trying to accept what you can't change. There is no blame. Just do what you can and be compassionate with people who aren’t as able and capable as you. Be grateful for your capability not self-righteous.

  3. Live and let live! You do you and let everyone else be free to do what they think is right for them.

  4. Say: “I don’t know” whenever you don’t know…. It's allowed, it's okay and it's so liberating! How can you know everything? You can't and you don’t, so own it!

  5. Be confident enough to be who you are and not who you are not. Know who you are and be that. Don’t bend you to please someone else, stand strong in being you. They will either accept you or not, but that’s not your business. There are 7,5 odd billion people on planet earth and some will like you and some will not. In truth it's a bell curve and most will be in the middle and will be indifferent to you. No need to worry yourself about the ones who don’t like you. Just let them go and like yourself enough to be properly who you are, unashamed and untainted.

More to follow in a few days, but time enough for you to comment and share your thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading it!


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