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Audience and Lecturer

Keynote Talks and Workshops

Sue Fuller-Good's Keynote talks deliver high-impact results in informal or formal settings. Topics inspire listeners to manage stress, maintain high energy levels, recreate empowering mindsets, and navigate challenges with ease.

Sue's experiential, interactive workshops engage participants by helping them to achieve work-life balance, develop self-mastery, better their relationships, manage stress levels, and help them to be fully present in every situation, no matter what they face. 

The Signature Topics shown below can be presented in either talk or workshop format.


The Adrenalin Serotonin Seesaw


  • Ability to navigate stressful times and situations expertly

  • Empowered to find the balance between too much and too little stress

​      and to bring about shifts when stress gets out of control.

  • A feeling of having the reigns in hand and a sense of being in control.

  • Ability to find work-life balance and rebalance when balance is lost.

We need some stress in life, but too much is disabling and harmful. We need to know how to stay away from distress and keep ourselves feeling good because we have enough feel good hormones. We need to know how to recognize distress fast when it shows up and change it back to eustress as fast as possible and this is a balancing act. This talk draws on stories and experiences to get its point across. It’s full of tools and strategies which empower and enable this balancing act.

Keynote Talk : 90 minutes

Workshop : 3 hours or a full day workshop

How long? 

  • Ideally 10-20 delegates for a highly interactive and coaching rich session.

  • This workshop can be adapted for large groups, however in a less interactive way.

How many? 

Can be online, but best delivered in person.


Revitalising Workspaces : Nurturing Mental Wellness, Igniting Energy and Preventing Burnout 

Why wait until burnout is a reality and calamity has hit? Why wait until your mental health is a problem? Act today and be wise and preventative. Burnout is a reality, it’s a big risk for people in the workplace at this time. Anxiety, overwhelm and mental health issues are becoming increasingly common. These are hugely expensive problems for companies. Especially for companies who consider their staff to be an asset. Burnout and mental health problems can mostly be prevented. They must be prevented. This talk is all about how to prevent them. Can you and your team really afford not to listen? It’s a fine line between thriving and not thriving. We often don’t recognize how fine the line is, until we are on the wrong side of the line.


Learn to employ techniques that keep the energy tap open and the energy bucket full. Energized people are creative, effective and productive, they're positive, enthusiastic and able to look forward, but how to get there and stay there? We all have the information, but do we use it? This talk is aimed at changing behaviour for the long haul, using mindfulness practice, CBT, ACT and many other evidence based modalities.


  • Staff who know how to practice self care in a way that protects and preserves their health.

  • Staff with tools to manage their mental health 

  • Insight and awareness that protects against the usual pitfalls that lead to mental health problems and burnout.

  • Teams that can support one another to create team health and with it company health and a culture of wellbeing.

Keynote Talk : 60 - 90 minutes

Masterclass : 3 hours

Workshop : 2 full days

How long? 

  • Keynote suits groups of any size.

  • Small groups of approx. 10 people for the masterclass or workshop.

How many? 

This topic is best delivered in person.


Poised on a Precipice – Confronting Change, Facing Uncertainty and Building Post Traumatic Growth and Resilience.

Sue experienced a life-altering accident which drove home the insight that change is integral to life, and that uncertainty is a normal and inevitable part of the human experience. 

The tools which got her through this accident and back to health are the same tools she had been talking and writing about for years, but now she has personally put them to the test. They work! This riveting talk about a 50m fall off a mountain top, is useful for anyone who has “fallen off their own cliff face” in life and found themselves at ground zero, needing to dust off their knees, rebuild and reboot. 

Sue Accident 1_edited.jpg


  • By listening to this story and doing the work with Sue, listeners find their way to greater resilience, increased tolerance for change, and enhanced appetite for uncertainty.

  • The ability to stay afloat in the sea of life when the waves are relentless, is a necessary skill and one that is developed by exposure to this talk, or participation in this masterclass or workshop.

  • Inspiration and motivation to find the depths and breadths of strength within, without pushing the limits and creating burnout, excessive stress or exhaustion.

Keynote Talk : 60-90 minutes

Masterclass : Half Day

Workshop : 1-2 full days

How long? 

  • Keynote suits groups of any size.

  • Smaller groups are optimal for Masterclass and Workshop

How many? 

This topic is best delivered in person.


The Sweet Spot of Success: Balancing high performance and ultimate wellbeing. ​

This highly interactive session looks at the ingredients of success through the lens of balance and mindful in and exclusion. This session will raise awareness of wellbeing, lifestyle, choices, mental and physical health, focus and productivity.


Instead of being all about cognitive ideas, this workshop/talk (whichever way you choose to have it) brings about a felt sense of feeling great and the possibility of making the changes so you thrive and remain sustainable.


Using story-telling and exercises, Sue creates a new internal understanding of the subject matter. People may feel that they have heard about these concepts before, but hearing doesn’t produce change in behaviour. For behaviour to change, mindset and beliefs have to change and that is exactly where this talk has its greatest effect.

Sue Speaking 1_edited.jpg

In this day and age, this talk is essential for all in the workforce, struggling to keep their balance, juggle work and play, ambition and health, family and success.


  • Awareness of the importance of balance in all things especially work-life.

  • Understanding of mindfulness practice and a few easy to use exercises to pepper your day with

  • New ways to get “present”

  • Insight into saying “no” and “yes”

  • Quick body language learning laboratory, will enable deliberate use of somatic intelligence

  • Lifestyle shifts and changes that become the new norm.

  • Nervous system dysregulation and regulation.

  • Self-care strategies that can become integrated with ease.

Keynote Talk : 45 - 60 minutes

Masterclass : 2-3 hours

Workshop : 1 full day

How long? 

  • Ideally 10-20 delegates for a highly interactive and coaching rich session.

  • This workshop can be adapted for large groups, however in a less interactive way.

How many? 

This topic is best delivered in person.

Let Sue design a bespoke Workshop or Masterclass for your organisation

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