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Relationship Health Mini-Course

Relationship Health Mini-Course

VAT Included

The Energy Incubator’s mini-course on Relationship Health brings you the tools to help you manage the conflict that comes up in relationships, and how to communicate effectively through these times, especially about the difficult subjects. With our help you can know how to have crucial conversations and how to reframe struggles, so that you can engage fully in your relationships even when they are not easy. This way you can thrive within your personal relationships, within your network and within your world, feeling confident enough to relax and stay open to people.


This pack consists of 10 articles and 3 videos, and 5 other resources including couples exercises.


Upon successful purchase you will be supplied with a PDF containing the link and password to unlock your mini-course material. This is a self-led course so you may work through the resources in your own time, and in an order that interests you most.

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