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Personal Mastery Mini-Course

Personal Mastery Mini-Course

VAT Included

The Energy Incubator is aimed at helping you to truly know and understand yourself.

This mini-course on personal mastery offers you the opportunity to become genuinely self-aware and develop yourself into the very best version of you. Personal mastery is underpinned by curiosity, compassion and non-judgement, rather than a futile attempt to bring about perfection and self improvement. We work on the premise that the more you understand your inner world, the more you can master your life.


This pack consists of 14 articles, 2 videos, and 1 Questionnaire.


Upon successful purchase we will contact and you will be supplied with the link and password to unlock your mini-course material. This is a self-led course so you may work through the resources in your own time, and in an order that interests you most.

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