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Are you listening to your body?

Updated: Mar 27

As I career down the powdery slopes of the Italian Dolomites, the crisp mountain air filling my lungs, I'm reminded of just how miraculous our bodies truly are. It's been a little over two years since the accident that changed everything, when I tumbled off a mountain top in the Drakensberg mountains. My injuries were severe, and the journey to recovery felt insurmountable at times. But here I am, back on the slopes, my body a testament to the healing capacity inherent in us all and a wise communicator.


Every twist and turn down the mountainside, my body speaks to me sometimes subtly  and with gentle nudges, and often quite loudly. It urges me to listen, to proceed with caution and respect. The muscles that once screamed in agony now offer quiet guidance, reminding me to find balance, both on the slopes and in my life. My brain remains cautious and is determined to protect me from repeating the disaster of the past. In my next blog I am going to unpack the journey as accurately as I can from necessary hyper-protection back to freedom. I think you will find the steps helpful in your life.


Our bodies are remarkable communicators, constantly sending signals to let us know how they are feeling and what they need. Are you paying attention? In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to overlook these messages, but doing so can have serious consequences for your health and wellbeing.

Consider the everyday signs your body might be sending you. If you're feeling pain in your muscles or bones, it's a clear indication that something needs to change. Perhaps you need to adjust your exercise routine, or start one? Try moving your body in different ways to relieve the pain. Adjust the position in which you spend most of your day – the way you sit at your desk, or in the car – or how you are sleeping. By tuning into these cues and asking yourself what adjustments are necessary, you can relieve your body of much of its discomfort.


Similarly, if you're constantly feeling tired, it's a sign that you need to prioritize rest and sleep. When I’m skiing and fatigue sets in, I know it's not a signal to push harder or keep going at full tilt, but, maybe a gentle reminder to honour my limits, to rest when needed. Your body is your teammate, and just like any teammate, it requires care and consideration. Think about what your body needs from you when you're feeling weary. Maybe it's a day off, or perhaps it's a few extra hours of sleep each night. Whatever the case, honouring your body's need for rest is essential for maintaining your energy levels and overall health.


Weight gain or loss is another signal that your body might be trying to communicate with you. Instead of ignoring it, denying it or resorting to crash diets, take the time to listen and understand what your body is telling you. It could be a sign that you need to choose more nourishing food, incorporate more physical activity, or find healthier ways to manage your stress. It could be your hormones which need a consultation with your doctor.


The key is to listen to your body and respond accordingly. Don't wait until tomorrow—take action today. Your body is an incredibly tolerant teammate, but ignoring its needs will  lead to louder and more uncomfortable messages down the line. By listening and responding to your body's cues, you can foster a supportive relationship that will help you thrive both physically and mentally.


By paying attention to your body’s signals and responding with care, you can nurture a strong partnership that will propel you toward greater health and success. So, starting from today, when your body speaks, listen closely. Your wellbeing depends on it.


Much Love,




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